Black River Quarries Thin Veneer

Thin stone veneers are a perfect option for cladding masonry, paneling, and even board walls to get a more organic appearance and feel in indoor and outdoor settings. Mosaic veneers are strong and can be cut to any size or form. To ensure that your interior or outdoor constructions appear consistent, we ensure that you get stones from the same quarry lots. As a result of our quarrying operations, Black River Quarries can provide a constant supply of high-quality goods. Natural stones come in a broad range of colors, from cool blue-grey to warm pink and tan tones of brown and blue. The combination of these hues and the one-of-a-kind stone patterns in the darker grey stones exude the prototypical luxuriously natural style.

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Ashlar Stones, Sharon, VT


Ashlar is a multipurpose stone that can be used for everything from walls and columns to fireplaces, mantels and outdoor kitchens, and even whole buildings. We have a wide variety of hues and tones of high-quality ashlar veneer. You may check out the different types of ashlar stones Black River Quarries carries, and we’ll have staff on hand to assist you to choose the ideal ones for your outdoor or indoor build. They guarantee the quality of their ashlar every time, as they mine it from their quarries. They listen to your wants and demands and then provide first-rate materials so that you may design desirable, low-maintenance, and comfortable areas. They have a wide variety of Ashlar stones in various hues, sizes, and forms since they understand that different projects need different stones and aesthetics. Our staff is ready to assist you in making the right product choices.


Mosaic Stones, Sharon, VT


Black River Quarries has a wide variety of high-quality mosaic thin stone veneers. The stones we have are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and we’ll gladly assist you in making the right choice. Their thin mosaic veneer has a patterned finish that stands out because the edges show an exceedingly tiny marbling design or clean lines across a section of the stone’s surface. This all-natural stone is sourced from the most remote corners of Vermont, and it boasts colors and organic patterns that are just breathtaking. You can install mosaic veneers made from natural stone on many surfaces, including cement blocks, wood, and others. They’re easy to set up and require little effort to transport. Veneer has several advantages over natural stone. These include being lightweight, easily transported, and adaptable to various uses (including drywall). Mosaic veneer is versatile since it comes in many styles and costs. We are pleased to provide the mosaic stones that homeowners and professionals require.


Rounds Stones, Sharon, VT


Rounds of several sizes and colors of New England Fieldstone are available. By carefully selecting their rounds, Black River Quarries ensure that the project’s overall quality remains consistently excellent. Unlike their river counterparts, fieldstone rounds have been weathered and developed a more complex texture over time. This natural stone is perfect for enhancing the appearance of a garden, patio, or yard because of its soft, rounded shapes and neutral tones. These stones’ irregular forms and varied textures give them an antiquated appearance. Larger, spherical stones work well as an eye-catching accent in mulch beds. We can provide all the necessary rounds and other stones for any project. Black River Quarries provides high-quality rounds and thin veneers ideal for your landscaping or outdoor living project. They offer a wide variety, so you can find the types of rounds you need.


Square & Rectangular Stones, Sharon, VT

Square & Rectangular

Chimneys, fireplaces, and walls of any size or form may be lined with our beautiful Fieldstone Square and Rectangular stone veneers. The finest quality is guaranteed because every square and rectangular stone has been carefully selected, cut, and faceted by hand. A natural face may be seen through the aged exterior of the stone. Their company has a wide selection of rectangular and square stones for exterior retaining walls. Authentic New England stones are cut, sorted, and cut into approximately rectangular or square pieces before installation to provide the appearance of depth with little effort. This stone is homogeneous in size and shape, making it an excellent choice for formal and casual garden designs. We have delivered these stones to homeowners, construction companies, architects, landscapers, landowners, and public projects. When it comes to choosing materials and estimating how much you’ll need, our team is here to assist.