Square & Rectangular Stone Veneer

This stone features a roughly square and rectangular shape, making it an ideal choice for formal settings that require a polished appearance. The Square and Rectangular veneer highlights the natural face of the stone and represents the largest format within Black River Quarries’ thinstone veneer collection.

  1. Shape – Stones are roughly squares and rectangle
  2. Thickness – 1 ¼ “+/-
  3. Sizes – 4-14” height, 4-18” length
  4. Sold by the 100 sq. ft. pallet

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Allegheney Sq and Rect          Mount Washington Square Rec          Quincy Blend Square Rec
Allegheney Sq. and Rect.                       Mount Washington Square Rec            Quincy Blend Square Rec
Verde Mica Sq and Rect          Beacon Hill Sq & Rec          Bear Mt Sq & Rct
Verde Mica Sq. and Rect.                       Beacon Hill Sq. & Rec.                             Bear Mt Sq. & Rct.
Indigo Cove Sq & Rct          Copper Mt Sq & Rec          Grey Mist Sq & Rec
Indigo Cove Sq. & Rct.                             Copper Mt Sq. & Rec                                Grey Mist Sq. & Rec.
Harvest Ridge Sq & Rec          Black River Mica Sq & Rct          Neva Ridge Sq & Rct
Harvest Ridge Sq. & Rec.                        Black River Mica Sq. & Rct.                   Neva Ridge Sq. & Rct.
North Ridge sq & Rct          Scarsdale Hills Sq & Rec          Tuscan Valley Sq and Rect
North Ridge Sq. & Rct.                             Scarsdale Hills Sq. & Rec.                      Tuscan Valley Sq. and Rect.
Green Mountain Mica Sq & Rct          Tuscan Sea Sq and Rct          Quimby Mountain Mica Sq and Rct
Green Mountain Mica Sq. & Rct.         Tuscan Sea Sq. and Rct.                          Quimby Mountain Mica Sq. and Rct.



Crafted from natural square and rectangular slabs of New England fieldstone, Black River Quarries’ Square & Rectangular thin veneer undergoes meticulous preparation for installation. The stones are sorted, divided, and chopped to impart a sense of depth with minimal effort.

Ideal for lining chimneys, fireplaces, and walls of various shapes and sizes, the Fieldstone Square and Rectangular stone veneer from Black River Quarries stands out as an excellent choice. Each square and rectangular stone is carefully handpicked, sliced, and faceted to ensure the highest quality.

The stone’s exterior boasts a weathered appearance, reflecting its natural face. Fashioned from authentic New England stones, these pieces exhibit rough rectangular or square shapes, adding a distinctive touch to your project.


We provide a multitude of square and rectangular veneers, including the following:

  • Beacon Hill Sq & Rec
  • Black Bear Sq & Rec
  • Blue Indigo Sq & Rec
  • Copper Mt Sq & Rec
  • Grey Mist Sq & Rec
  • Harvest Ridge Sq & Rec
  • Mica Sq & Rec
  • Neva Sq & Rec
  • North Ledge Sq & Rec
  • Scarsdale Hills Sq & Rec
  • Tuscany Sq & Rec
  • Verde Sq & Rec
  • Verde/Tuscany Sq & Rec
  • Weathered Sq & Rec



Black River Quarries specializes in quarrying a diverse selection of square and rectangular stones designed for different outdoor wall applications. These stones offer uniformity and enhance the aesthetic appeal of both formal and informal landscapes. Throughout the years, their clientele has included individual customers, contractors, builders, architects, landscapers, developers, and public works projects.