At Camosse Masonry Supply, we take great pride in upholding our 100+ year family tradition of delivering outstanding customer service and offering a proper shopping experience for our valued landscaping and masonry supply customers. Since Camosse Masonry Supply’s establishment in 1948, we’ve been fortunate to accumulate a collection of memorable items spanning the years, and are delighted to share a curated selection of these items with you. Please take a moment to enjoy the journey through a bit of our history!

Keepsake First Sale

The image above showcases the oldest record we possess of a concrete sale by a Camosse family member, dating back to 1923. Although evidence of a Camosse-operated masonry store exists as far back as 1915, this receipt stands out as a remarkable artifact. Its preservation in good quality for such a long period of time adds to its historical significance for us.



The ‘Concrete Manual’ featured above was published in 1949 and served as a study resource for Henry Camosse, Sr., who successfully graduated with a Civil Engineering Degree in 1953. Remarkably, this book, over 70 years old, has withstood the test of time and remains in surprisingly good condition!

Keepsake Auto Accident Info Card

We’ve preserved in fair condition a Camosse-sponsored Auto Accident Info Card, the exact year of which remains unknown, pictured above. Does anyone remember these?

Keepsake Golf Tool

Pictured above is a 1986 Henry Camosse & Son-engraved divot repair tool, complete with a Kershaw ball marker. Remarkably, this tool remains functional today!

The above gallery showcases a collection of Camosse-branded ash trays, accompanied by a Henry Camosse & Son matchbox. It’s a glimpse into a different era!


Pictured above are a couple of Camosse Anniversary gifts: A marble paperweight from our 25th Anniversary, now over 50 years old and still in mint condition, and a 50th Anniversary calculator, surely ready to go again after a quick battery change.

The images above showcase vintage Camosse envelopes and mail advertisements, complemented by a Camosse letter-opener and scissors combo. The letter opener’s handle is adorned with inscribed zodiac symbols, adding a unique touch.

The above two items were likely featured on Mr. Henry J. Camosse, Sr.’s desk for many years – A gold-plated business card holder and Henry Camosse & Son cement block-shaped paperweight.

Pictured above are two vintage Camosse business cards, each undoubtably decades old.


The gallery above showcases a collection of simple Henry Camosse & Son pens and pencils, along with branded string holders and tape measures. One tape measure is in excellent condition, wrapped in leather, while another shows signs of having been put to good use over the years.

Keepsake Keychains

Finally, we have a pair of Camosse keychains, adorned with a valuable reminder: You’re Number 1 With Us.