Ashlar Stone Veneer

Crafted from the side cut or grain of the stone, this linear-shaped stone seamlessly complements both formal and rustic settings. Customers appreciate the richness of colors revealed in the stone’s grain, adding to its appeal.

  1. Shape – Rectangular shapes
  2. Thickness – 1 ¼” +/-
  3. Sizes – 2 ½”- 8” height, 4-18” length
  4. Sold by the 100 sq. ft. pallet

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  • Bear Mt Ashlar
    Bear Mt. Ashlar
  • Mount Washington Ashlar
    Mount Washington Ashlar
  • Noble Ridge Ashlar
    Noble Ridge Ashlar
  • Quimby Mt Ashlar
    Quimby Mt. Ashlar
  • Quincy Mt Blend Ashlar
    Quincy Mt. Blend Ashlar
  • Copper Mt Ashlar
    Copper Mt. Ashlar
  • Tuscan Valley Ashlar
    Tuscan Valley Ashlar
  • Black River Mica
    Black River Mica
  • Green Mountain Mica
    Green Mountain Mica
  • Tuscan Sea Ashlar
    Tuscan Sea Ashlar
  • Vermont Mountain Blend
    Vermont Mountain Blend
  • Snowstone Blend Ashlar
    Snowstone Blend Ashlar


Ashlar stone serves as a versatile alternative to brickwork and other construction materials in masonry projects. Its adaptability makes it well-suited for various construction tasks, including but not limited to walls, columns, fireplace surrounds, outdoor kitchens, and even full-scale structures. The ancient cultures in Greece, Crete, and other parts of Europe utilized this technique for carving stones.

Discover the possibilities of creating exceptional outdoor living features and areas with different types of Ashlar from Black River Quarries. With their own quarries, they ensure consistent quality ashlar for their clients. Collaborating closely with you to understand your needs, we provide excellent products to help you craft stunning spaces that not only look impressive, but are also easy to maintain.


In contemporary construction, Ashlar finds diverse applications such as walls, fire pits, fireplace surrounds, facades, and historical structures, imparting a timeless and classic aesthetic.

Recognizing the varied needs of different projects, a selection of Ashlar stones is offered, ensuring you can choose from various types and aesthetics, including:

  • Copper Mt Ashlar
  • Tuscany Ashlar
  • Mica Ashlar
  • Verde Ashlar
  • Verde/Tuscany Ashlar
  • Verde/Mica Ashlar
  • Neva/Verde Ashlar