Mosaic Stone Veneer

Mosaics, with their irregular shapes, evoke the sense of being freshly gathered from a field. Ideal for casual settings, they exude a rustic aesthetic, designed to seamlessly blend into your natural stone project and give the impression of being directly installed from the earth.

  1. Shape – Irregular trapezoids
  2. Thickness – 1 ¼” +/-
  3. Sizes – 5-14” height and width
  4. Sold by the 100 sq. ft. pallet

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  • Bear Mountain Mosaic
    Bear Mountain Mosaic
  • Green Mountain Mosaic
    Green Mountain Mosaic
  • Norble Ridge Mosaic
    Norble Ridge Mosaic
  • Salem Ridge Mosaic
    Salem Ridge Mosaic
  • Silver Mountain Mosaic
    Silver Mountain Mosaic
  • Tuscan Valley Mosaic
    Tuscan Valley Mosaic
  • Copper Mt Mosaic
    Copper Mt. Mosaic
  • Black River Mica Mosaic
    Black River Mica Mosaic
  • Quimby Mt mica Mosaic
    Quimby Mt. Mica Mosaic


Opting for veneers is an excellent decision for covering concrete, panels, and even board walls, providing a natural and organic appearance in both outdoor and indoor spaces. Our mosaic veneers are robust and come in various shapes and sizes. We ensure uniformity by sourcing similar quality stones from specific lots, guaranteeing a cohesive look for your outdoor spaces or indoor installations. Black River Quarries maintains consistent quality by quarrying these products.


Black River Quarries’ thin mosaic veneer distinguishes itself with a patterned finish that features cuts revealing exquisitely delicate marbling or straight lines across portions of the stone’s surface. Sourced from the remote regions of Vermont, this all-natural granite boasts stunning tones and intricate organic patterns.

The granite comes in a diverse array of hues, ranging from steel blue greys to rusted iron browns, light pinks, and subdued blues and greys. The combination of these colors, especially in the deeper grey stones with unique granite patterns, emanates a quintessential and luxuriously natural aesthetic.

The mosaic thin stone veneer typically showcases beautiful matte finishes, with most stones displaying the distinctive granite patterns for which the material is renowned. Those seeking to infuse a touch of rustic vibrancy into their indoor or outdoor spaces should explore these thin veneers.