Stone Veneer Rounds

Black River Quarries’ most authentic line of stone products, the rounds and blended fieldstone, is sourced from stones retrieved from rivers or ancient stone walls. If you seek a stone that embodies the ambiance of a country or mountain home, this style is tailor-made for you.

  1. Shape –
    • Rounds are a mix of round and irregular shaped natural stone
    • Blends are mixes of ledge stone with rounds
  2. Thickness – 1 ½” +/-
  3. Sizes –
    • Rounds – 4-14” height, 4-14” length
    • Blends – 2-14” height, 4-16” length
  4. Sold by the 100 sq. ft. pallet

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Cottage Blend          CT Rounds          New England Thin wall blend
Cottage Blend                                             CT Rounds                                                   New England Thin Wall Blend
North Creek Rounds          Old Farmers Wall Blend          Pocono Rounds
North Creek Rounds                                Old Farmers Wall Blend                         Pocono Rounds
New England Fieldstone Rounds
New England Fieldstone Rounds



Among Black River Quarries’ diverse selection of wall stones, New England Round stands out as a perennial favorite among customers and a staple in many gardens. Characterized by its gentle, rounded forms and neutral tones, this natural stone is perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of various outdoor spaces, including gardens, patios, and backyards.

Sourced directly from their quarries, New England Fieldstone rounds come in irregular shapes, adding a distinctive touch to your stone retaining or accent wall. Black River Quarries provides a variety of natural stone rounds, offering options in shapes and sizes to suit your project’s needs.

Their meticulous selection process ensures uniform high quality throughout the entire project. Unlike river rounds, Fieldstone rounds exhibit a worn appearance, showcasing a textured surface that has developed character over time.



Typically ranging in size from 4 inches to 16 inches in circumference, their palletized stone comes in standard pallets weighing 2800 pounds. For larger stones, bulk shipments or appropriately constructed pallets are available. Round fieldstone is commonly used in retaining walls and water gardens.

The natural shapes and textures of these stones contribute to an authentic, aged appearance. Enhancing mulch beds with larger, round stones can create a visually appealing effect. No matter the nature of your project, we are here to assist you with all the necessary round stones and other stone varieties.