Virtual Design Tools

Streamline your hardscaping experience with Virtual Design Tools – a game-changer for both professional hardscapers and DIY enthusiasts. Ideal for DIY projects, these tools simplify material selection. Sketch out a preview or utilize the link search feature to identify materials from other projects. Enhance your project planning by gaining a clearer vision of your ideas and choices.


Glen-Gery Virtual Design Tool

Tailor preselected residential or commercial structures to suit your needs. Select the option that best aligns with your current project. For personalized projects, Glen-Gery offers customization for a fee of $25, allowing you to upload your own image.


MSI Stacked Stone Visualizer

Utilize the MSI Surfaces Visualizer tools for a sneak peek at MSI surfaces. Craft your own layout using three distinct images and preview the final design with MSI surfaces. Alternatively, explore the customization tool located at the bottom right of our webpage to personalize your room to your liking.


MSI Image Search Tool

MSI Surfaces offers an image search feature, simplifying the process of finding the closest match to their products. This facilitates seamless design coordination for your project.


Belgard Design Studio

Belgard authorized contractors can receive complimentary 3D renderings for their upcoming projects. Additionally, any contractor has the option to obtain a rendering for a fee of $249 through Belgard.


Techo-Bloc Designer’s Toolbox

Techo-Bloc offers a variety of options for visualizing your project through various design tools. They provide files compatible with popular design software such as 3D Warehouse, AutoCAD, Dynascape, PRO Landscape, SketchUp, Structure Studios, and Vectorworks.

If you come across a useful tool or widget that you’d like us to incorporate into our website, please Contact Us. We’re eager to explore new additions based on your suggestions!