23 Trolley Crossing Road ~ Charlton, MA 01507

Located at 23 Trolley Crossing Road, Charlton MA  just off Route 20 in Trolley Crossing Plaza. Our current neighbors include Savers Bank, Webster First Credit , Rain for RentThe Children of Tomorrow and Miniature Tool and Die.

Established in the 2004, Charlton is the hometown to the Camosse Family .  At the time the local real estate market was booming and the area seemed a good fit for a material supply. For our first ten years we operated adjacent Howlett Lumber. This family business was a great neighbor over the years and helped expose us to customers.

We have a uniquely crafted masonry building for a showroom and office. The construction utilized masonry insulated forms. An exterior veneer made up of 4″ concrete block is tied in to an interior wall with reinforced anchors. The cavity is filled solid with grout and rebar is placed both horizontally and vertically.  Over the past six years we have constructed two warehouses for storage of equipment and materials.

The indoor showroom proudly displays natural thin stone veneer in the customer counter, grill island and pergola installation . There is a wide selection of equipment and tools as well as the rental of vacuums for lifting and compactors.  We stock tools from Bon-Tool, Pave Tool, EZG Manufacturing, Trow and Holden and many many more.




Our outdoor displays are constantly being updated and maintained. The Techo-Bloc display was just completed and there is a recently installed Genest Concrete display showcasing in stock products.

The inventory in Charlton is similar to that in Worcester just with less quantity of each item.  The Charlton yard pioneered our reclaimed and salvaged stone business. Starting from the purchase of one well stone from town it quickly evolved into an enjoyable part of our day to day business. We love the hunt for old granite and we are grateful for the customers and friends who early on made the suggestions and gave us the support we needed to keep on with the search for stone.

We are open year round and have heated warehouse space that allows us to put on educational classes and prepare orders .

64 Southwest Cutoff ~ Worcester, MA 01604

Located at 64 Southwest Cutoff, Worcester, MA for almost 80 years! Our current neighbors include The Registry of Motor Vehicles, Chuck-E-Cheese, The 99 Pub, Spirit Gymnastics, Ferguson Water Works and ABF Freight.

Established in 1948 by Henry Camosse and his son. This location has served as the foundation for our company over the past 75 years. We occupied both sides of route 20 for the majority of our time here. We manufactured concrete block on this site from 1948- 2012. It was when we ceased manufacturing that we consolidated the operation to one side of the street. This made it easier for coworkers and customers to deal with business.