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“Marion Ceramics was founded in 1885 in the small village of Blue Brick near Pee Dee, South Carolina. For many years the company produced face brick from clay deposits on company-owned property. Fired in periodic kilns, this clay burns to beautiful reds, terra cotta, and buff colors and at extreme temperatures, blues. The blue coloring was unique in the brick industry and provided the name for the community around the plant. Many current maps continue to show the village of Blue Brick where our plant is located. The excellent firing and extruding characteristics of Marion’s clay have been crucial to enabling the company to develop a special manufacturing process to produce its diverse product lines.

Marion has evolved into a leading manufacturer of thin brick paver (BrickTile), Pool Coping and especially thin veneer brick – producing its Vee Brick product line without any brick sawing and providing industry-leading efficiency. Marion’s most recent innovations include the addition of our white 710 Seashell color as well as inventing a totally unique product category with its thin brick BISQUE for glazing. Marion does NOT offer any glazing but provides low-cost BISQUE for others to glaze to fill the rapidly growing market for glazed thin brick.”