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Gravel-Lok provides a bonding surface that’s strong enough to withstand traffic, but as with any other glue or bonding material, it’s important to know the ins and outs of the material to unearth its best uses.

What Is Gravel-Lok?

Gravel-Lok is a glue-like substance meant for bonding gravel to create a strong, durable surface. While it forms a strong adhesion to a variety of aggregates such as pebbles and stones, it’s permeable to allow proper drainage and settling. This makes it suitable for commercial and residential settings. It also works well in outdoor areas with high foot traffic, such as parks and permanent outdoor attractions. We offer two types of Gravel-Lok, which are determined by your stone colors:

  • The clear Gravel-Lok formula is UV-treated, which means it includes UV protection to prevent yellowing, making it suitable for blue and white stones.
  • The amber Gravel-Lok formula isn’t UV-treated and works well with natural stone surfaces that aren’t affected by the yellowing caused by UV exposure.