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Dowflake Xtra Calcium Chloride stands out as a high-quality, premium-grade product crafted for diverse industrial and commercial applications. This granular substance, characterized by its white color and odorless nature, demonstrates high solubility in water, making it an excellent option for situations requiring rapid dissolution.

Manufactured from high-purity calcium chloride through a proprietary process, Dowflake Xtra ensures consistent quality and performance. Tailored to excel in applications like dust suppression, road stabilization, concrete acceleration, and food processing, it meets the demands of various industries.

A standout feature of Dowflake is its prowess in controlling dust on surfaces like roads and parking lots. By attracting moisture from the air and binding it to the surface, Dowflake prevents dust particles from becoming airborne. This makes it a valuable solution for construction sites, industrial facilities, and other areas where effective dust control is essential.

Moreover, Dowflake proves highly effective in stabilizing soils and enhancing traction on icy or snowy surfaces. Its fast-acting formula contributes to the swift melting of ice and snow, creating safer conditions for pedestrians and vehicles.

In summary, Dowflake Xtra Calcium Chloride stands as a versatile and dependable product, offering superior performance across a broad spectrum of industrial and commercial applications. Whether the goal is dust control, soil stabilization, concrete acceleration, or icy surface traction improvement, Dowflake Xtra Calcium Chloride proves to be the optimal choice for high-quality calcium chloride applications.