Looking for a simple solution to liven up your outdoor space? With so much time spent creating that beautiful florescent escape, you want to create an inviting and aesthetically pleasing stepping stone walkway to invite guests to your garden. Or if you are a pool owner, you want a simple stepping stone walkway that will lead guests to an enjoyable aquatic adventure.

Creating an affordable stepping stone walkway to your outdoor area does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality and beauty. Stepping stone walkways are easy to install and create an inviting pathway to your outdoor space. eHow.com shares 5 easy tips on how you can create your own stepping stone walkway.

How to Lay A Path Of Stepping Stones!

1.) Decide on the route you want your path to take.

A curve is most attractive but don’t wander too widely or people will be tempted
to leave the path. With two pieces of rope lay out the sides of your path. Remember that an average pace is about 18 inches so your stones from center to center should measure 18 inches. Estimate how many paving stones you will need. For stability and wear, these should be at least 2 inches thick.

2.) Lay out the stones along your marked path in the exact position where they will be placed.

With a trowel cut down into the grass or soil around each stone. Dig out the soil for about an inch. Your stones should be slightly above ground to start as they will settle with time.

3.) Lay each stone in place as you progress. The stone must lie level and firm.

If you dig a little deeper so that you can put down a bed of sand, it will be easier to level your stone.

4.) Use a level to straighten each stone.

As you move down the path, lay a board from stone to stone and put the level on this to ensure that your whole path is level. Tamp in each stone and fill in around the edges with soil or grass. Sweep off your stones and your job is done.

5.) If you find that your stones sink or rise over the years, simply lift them and add or subtract soil to level them once again.

Taking the time to prepare your stepping stone walkway is vital to creating an inviting look. Be sure to carefully space out each stepping stone to allow some of your lawn to grow through. 

When choosing which type of stone you want to use for your stepping stone walkway, consider choosing stone products that will withstand the harsh elements of nature. Camosse offers a wide variety of natural stone products that can create the look you wish to have, but can also stand up to Mother Nature’s conditions.

Proper maintenance after your stepping stone walkway is created will help keep up it’s appearance. Be sure to regularly mow the grass or re-mulch the area in between the stepping stone walkway. Keeping the stones clean is also important, so routinely spray down your stepping stone walkway to keep it looking new.