Here is an incredible example of craftsmanship. This wall was assembled by Justin Newton, a local mason from the Blackstone Valley.

He has combined three types of stone in this work of art.  The body of the wall is made up of Black River Quarries Split Wallstone. The corner and ends are crafted from a black granite that came from a foundation of a home in Leominster, MA. I have yet to find more granite like this, entirely black and able to be finished in all directions. The coping is reclaimed third generation curbing that has been cut and finished to size. The sawn faces have been bush hammered and the edges softened.

If you are interested in a one of a kind stone installation please contact Justin Newton today!  774-239-1815








JNewtonWall5This is a recent project including natural thin stone veneer and reclaimed granite capstones and surrounds . All of the this work was done on site by Justin.