Vecchio Pizza Oven

The Vecchio Pizza Oven offers the fun and flavor of traditionally-cooked pizza, in a smaller, easy-to-manage footprint that integrates perfectly with the Stone Age cabinet system.

This unit delivers the fun and flavor of wood-fired baking with the perfect combination of size and style.

  • All of the Firebrick necessary to complete the kit
  • 2- 6″ Chimney Flue sections equipped with a clay liner
  • A Hearth that allows for easier access to the chamber
  • 600 sq inches of cooking surface
  • 9.25″ door opening helps to retain heat within the unit
  • Perfect for hosting small parties or cooking for the family

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Vecchio Pizza Oven Options:

  •  Add the optional top-mount damper for more precise temperature control and greater cooking flexibility.
  • Additional Chimney flue sections may be added

Wood Suggestions:

Hickory, Pecan and Mesquite wood – any cured wood suitable for smoking meats. Oak is good for heating ovens & generating a bed of coals. Any flavored woods (apple/cherry).