Serafina Wall

Line your walkways and small gardens or make a beautiful fire pit by choosing double-sided Serafina wall stones that can be assembled in any shape.

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Build outdoor structures that are short in stature, but big on personality with the Serafina landscape wall system. These Serafina blocks have a versatile trapezoid shape that can easily be arranged in lines, curves, and circles. Standing 4 inches tall with a double-sided split face, Serafina wall blocks are great for constructing freestanding and retaining walls that are shorter than 3 feet tall. Use them to build walkway barriers, outline gardens or create custom fire pits and planters.

An assortment of gorgeous colors, including the Serafina Westchester Blend and the premium Bluestone pattern, welcome guests to your home or backyard. Nicolock’s superior manufacturing technique blends the colors fully throughout the stone, so even decades of erosion won’t dull their appearance. Use Serafina walls by Nicolock Paving Stones for charming partitions and structures anywhere on a hardscape or landscape.