Rockface Treads

Put the perfect finishing touch on a stone wall or set of steps by ordering Rockface Treads from Nicolock Paving Stones. These attractive treads have a chiseled stone edge on three sides and a thermal finish top that gives them a smooth texture. Use the treads on top of a stone wall to blend man-made finishes with natural elements or use them on top of stairs for a flat, stable place to step that’s bursting with style from every angle.

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Upgrade your home’s curb appeal by installing Rockface Treads from Nicolock Paving Stones. Rockface Treads come in several colors to match any type of paving stones and like all of our piers, coping and caps, Rockface Treads are sold separately from paving stones so you can mix and match to create your desired look. Order Rockface Treads from Nicolock Paving Stones to top off your next landscaping or patio project. Size specifications are listed in the Product Guide to help you plan your project.