Pyzique® Wall

Reversible trapezoidal shape
One face is 11 in. wide and one face 7 in. wide with a 9 in. depth. Its own interlock deters shifting. Available in Split Face and Renaissance Stone (distressed) in an array of solid and blended colors.

One wall unit creates wall, corner and cap without mortar.
Design freestanding walls, knee walls around patios and retaining walls up to 3 ft. high in straight and curved designs; tree rings and garden borders; raised patios; sitting walls; and steps. Ideal for paver edging, too. Build a vertically straight (90 degree) wall or use built-in grooves on the top of wall units for a 5/8 in. set back on courses. To make a square corner, simply split one wall unit in half, front to back through the middle. To make a capstone, just turn Pyzique units upside down and adhere with Hardscape Zone Adhesive from Cambridge. An elevated stone fireplace can be created using our steel fire ring insert and dual opposing cooking grates.

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