Heritage Slab

Heritage Slab is a great stone for various architectural applications including rooftops and plazas. Suitable for overlays and at-grade applications.
  • Smooth finish
  • An economical and functional slab for multiple purposes
  • Architectural applications
  • Use around your home or garden, under air conditioning units or for ballasts

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Need a paving stone that’s versatile and affordable but still looks good? Nicolock’s Heritage Slab pavers are made to do just about anything. These concrete slab paving stones are fortified with Nicolock’s paver-shield™ technology to ensure a strong, uniform, and consistent result. At two inches thick, they’re strong enough for heavy foot traffic and light-duty vehicle traffic or bikes. You can choose from four different rectangular shapes plus an 18-inch round stone that’s ideal to let grass peek through. Solid color pigments such as Charcoal, Red, and Pewter are blended all through the stone for color that will last for generations. Additional colors by special order are available.

For at-grade applications, architectural applications, and overlays, Heritage pavers will be a lasting solution. Use them to pave walkways, plazas, city rooftops, garden paths, and much more. Elevate your slab floor to improve drainage using an assortment of stackable and adjustable pedestals.