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“Conproco has been advancing the science of masonry repair since 1975. We believe that the key to successful repair is compatible repair products. Whether you’re rehabilitating industrial sites for adaptive re-use, or preserving our nation’s architectural heritage, we’re here to help.

Conproco offers distinct products for both concrete and stone repair. Beginning with rebar corrosion inhibitors and primers, we offer repair mortars and injection grouts, surface finishes, water repellents, mineral silicate systems and a variety of architectural coatings. Our systems are designed for the specific tensile and compressive characteristics of your substrate. Best of all, our Matrix repair system allows contractors to color match our mortar to your substrate on site.

Stone isn’t uniform in color. Subtle shade differences are the hallmark of stone facades. With Matrix, you have an entire palette of color at your fingertips. Conproco also offers custom color matching, exterior wall systems and our own line of ProMasonry brand pre-mix products. Our products are water-based and meet the VOC requirements of every state. And they are all produced in the United States.”