Masonry Marvels Monday invites you to delve into the world of exquisite outdoor living spaces, where artistry and functionality intertwine seamlessly. In this week’s showcase, we present a truly remarkable poolscape adorned with an array of Unilock’s finest products, where every element harmonizes to create a visual symphony of luxury and elegance.

At the heart of this stunning oasis are Unilock’s Beacon Hill™ XL Slabs, providing a sumptuous foundation for the pool area. These large, textured slabs not only add a touch of sophistication but also ensure durability for years of enjoyment. The Ledgestone Olde Quarry™ wall, with its rustic charm and earthy tones, serves as a picturesque backdrop, creating a sense of depth and tranquility.

The Ledgestone™ coping, with its clean lines and smooth finish, not only enhances safety but also adds a refined edge to the pool perimeter. Meanwhile, the Hollandstone™ pavers offer a visually captivating transition between various outdoor spaces, ensuring a cohesive design throughout the property.

For a touch of contemporary flair, the U-Cara wall takes center stage, showcasing the versatility of Unilock’s offerings. This innovative wall system allows for endless design possibilities, effortlessly blending with the natural surroundings while providing functional seating and privacy options. The Series banding stripes serve as the final stroke of brilliance, accentuating the lines and contours of the entire poolscape.

We extend our heartfelt kudos to Preston Hardscape Design, the creative minds behind this masterpiece. For an in-depth exploration of this poolscape’s intricate details and the creative process, don’t miss Episode 12 of their ‘Hometown Hardscapes’ series on YouTube.

To discover more masonry marvels and explore your own design aspirations, we invite you to visit our Charlton and Worcester locations, where our expert team will guide you through a wide range of options. Transform your outdoor space into a haven of beauty and functionality with Unilock’s premium products – where dreams become reality.