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Making a Small Backyard Seem Bigger

By September 28, 2012April 16th, 2021No Comments

Not everyone lives in a home with a large backyard. 

Thankfully, there are ways to make your small backyard seem larger than life. An optical illusion to make your small backyard seem bigger is the best financial way to expand, since land is expensive.  All you need are some simple tricks and decorative ideas to make your small backyard seem bigger. The neighbors will spend hours trying to figure out why your backyard is so much larger than their small backyard (they may measure their fence position while you’re out to dinner) but you can put their minds at ease with this list by Yahoo! with small backyard tips.

4 Ways to Make a Small Backyard Seem Larger

If you take a walk in a botanical garden, you’re sure to notice that even small garden nooks seem large and beautiful. It’s the fragrant, blooming use of the space that makes it standout before our eyes. Using the same simple garden patterns, you too can make a small backyard seem larger, and here are four simple ways to do that.

Create a Back Border

A ring of plants along the back wall of your garden will give the illusion that your small backyard is larger. Clear two feet of land all along the back of the garden. Plant tall shrubs or trees at the back and flowers at the front, then spread mulch over the ground. As the shrubs or trees grow tall they will create a green wall behind your backyard and make it seem larger, while the flowers will add beauty.

Create Separate Spaces

If you split your small backyard into two or three visual spaces, you’ll give the impression that your small backyard is far larger. Install a small picket fence (with a trellis gate) at one side of the garden and create a seating area within. Clear some lawn away from your backyard in the shape of a winding trail, which you can cover with mulch or stones. Or plant a hedge on the side of the yard, to create a hidden bench nook.

Create Spots of Color

If you fill your small backyard with small beautiful touches, the illusion will follow of a larger space. Hang galvanized buckets on trees and fill them with potted plants. Place a wheelbarrow in a corner of the garden, drill holes at its base and plant flowers in it. Hang a hammock between two trees or on a stand, but first dye the hammock in lime green or orange, using RIT dye available at craft stores.

Create a Beautiful Focal Point

The size of your small backyard will seize to matter if you form a beautiful seating area at its center. Look for an affordable garden set at a thrift store. You can always spray paint a worn table and chairs to give them a fresh look. Place the table at the center of your lawn. Add colorful outdoor cushions on the chairs and a planter filled with flowers on the table. Finally scatter a few potted plants around the table.

Implement these ideas based on your budget. Even two or three changes can have an impact on the apparent size and beauty of your backyard.

Choose the right focal points and backyard accessories to make your small backyard seem huge. Assuming that the neighbors haven’t snubbed you for having a “bigger” backyard, you can enjoy a small get together in your so-called small backyard and show some pride for your small backyard’s transformation into a wonderland of envy. Camosse Masonry Supply can provide you with the materials needed for enhancing the size of your small backyard.