Welcome to Featured Products Friday!

As the chilly embrace of colder weather settles in, Camosse presents two essential products to facilitate your construction projects during colder temperatures: Silpro’s Concrete Supplement™ and Umaco’s Cold Check. These products are specifically formulated to address the challenges posed by cold weather conditions, ensuring optimal performance and durability for cement-based mixes.

Silpro’s Concrete Supplement™: Revolutionize your cold weather construction with Silpro’s Concrete Supplement™. Specially engineered to expedite both initial and final set times of cement mixes in chilly environments, this cutting-edge solution mitigates the delays caused by low temperatures. By integrating Concrete Supplement™ into your mix, you ensure efficient and timely project completion even in adverse weather.

Umaco’s Cold Check: Unlock the potential of your cold weather masonry work with Umaco’s Cold Check. This invaluable product not only accelerates cement setting times but also delivers crucial weather protection and additional performance benefits. Versatile and adaptable, Cold Check is the ideal solution for various applications, guaranteeing that your construction projects stay on track, regardless of challenging weather conditions.

Curing Blankets: Enhance your cold weather concrete curing process with Camosse’s quality curing blankets, available for purchase. These blankets play a pivotal role in shielding freshly poured concrete from the harsh impacts of winter. By offering insulation and maintaining optimal temperatures, curing blankets contribute to the proper curing and strength development of the concrete.

Navigate winter construction projects with confidence, armed with the right tools. Silpro’s Concrete Supplement™, Umaco’s Cold Check, and Camosse’s curing blankets are essential elements for success in cold weather applications. Visit our Charlton and Worcester locations to explore these featured products and access a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to your masonry and construction needs. Our expert team is ready to guide you in making informed decisions for a successful project, regardless of the weather challenges you may encounter.