Have you had the chance to discover EasyJoint yet?

At Camosse Masonry Supply, we proudly stock EasyJoint in both of our locations, and it has garnered significant praise from contractors and homeowners alike, especially those trying it for the first time.

EASYJoint stands as the original sweep-in jointing compound and remains unrivaled as the best “All Weather Paving Joint Compound” on the market, proudly crafted in the UK. Beware of imitations; Azpects, the manufacturer, ships tens of thousands of tubs of EASYJoint each month to delighted customers across the UK and even parts of Europe.

EASYJoint grout or jointing compound offers a remarkably swift, efficient, and visually pleasing solution for filling gaps between paving, whether it’s natural stone or concrete flags. It’s suitable for all paving materials, provided there’s a gap of at least 3mm wide and 25mm deep (for narrower joints, the compound works perfectly). As the name suggests, EASYJoint lives up to its reputation for ease of use—simply dampen the paving with water before starting, then sweep and wash the jointing compound into the gaps, letting the water do the hard work.

The outcome of using EASYJoint for your paving project is a completely filled gap, without the need for manual compression, ensuring durability that will last for years. It forms a robust joint that can withstand the elements, surpassing traditional jointing methods.

If you’d like more information or wish to schedule a demo for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. For additional insights from the company, you can visit their website. Discover the ease and effectiveness of EasyJoint with Camosse Masonry Supply!