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Choosing Outdoor Patio Furniture

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What good is a patio without any patio furniture?

One cannot fully enjoy a newly installed patio without a place to sit. Indoor furniture can get ruined by inclement weather and will look out of place outdoors, unlike patio furniture.

Patio furniture can often be expensive, so you should conduct research before doling out any cash.

Since matching patio furniture looks best, consider deciding what pieces of patio furniture you will need ahead of time. A store may discontinue a design or end a sale and you will not want to be left with clashing patio furniture.

If you are moving into a new home and want to purchase patio furniture ahead of time, it is important to be familiar with your patio before heading to the store. Take measurements before making any purchases.

We have provided advice from Good Housekeeping on how to identify the right patio furniture for your home. Soon you will be able to formulate the exact type of patio furniture that you would like to buy.

How to Select Outdoor Patio Furniture

Buying furniture for outdoor spaces, whether for lounging or dining, is a lot like decorating indoors. Follow these steps to ensure comfort for family and friends.

With so many options to choose from, ranging from aluminum to wicker, selecting outdoor patio furniture can be a daunting task. Here’s what to think about before heading out to shop.

Decide on a Purpose

Function will affect the choice of pieces. Will the outdoor space be used primarily for lounging? Or is an outdoor dining room tops on the list? Or will the space perhaps serve multiple functions, such as for games, lounging and dining?

Measure the Area

Measure the space available on the deck, terrace, porch or in the pool area. Shop with the measurements in hand and select pieces that fit the space and still leave sufficient room for people to travel through the area without bumping into furniture. For example, ensure there is enough passing space behind lounge chairs at the pool or dining chairs when they are occupied and pulled away from the table.

Decide on the shape of a table. Rectangles and ovals allow more space for passing then do squares or circle. But conversation may be easier at a rectangle. It’s hard to hear across the distance of a large, circular table.

When and How Will the Area Be Used?

Breakfast on the deck in the early morning might be lovely without an umbrella. But at lunch time, just about anywhere will require something to block the hot mid-day sun. Ditto for lounge areas around a pool. Those who work indoors all day and want to dine al fresco in the evening might find an umbrella unnecessary, but a safe outdoor lamp could extend the dinner hour on the deck or porch.

Assess how many people will use the space and the furniture on a regular basis. Don’t buy a table for 10 if the family is four most of the time. Instead, consider a wooden table that offers leaves to extend dining space as needed.

Try Furniture for Fit

Try the chairs out in person. Are the seats deep and wide enough? Do your feet touch the ground? Is the frame sturdy and free of sharp welds or joins? Is the fabric coarse or scratchy? Do not buy outdoor seating of any kind unless it can be tried in person.

Who’s Using the Furniture?

Is the furniture stable enough for kids, who will inevitably try standing on it. Children and smaller adults may find teak, cedar or other wooden and some metal patio furniture difficult to move. Lighter weight, powder-coated aluminum and resin frame sets might be a better choice in this case. On the other hand, if the area where the furniture will be used is subject to high winds, consider heavier pieces that can’t be moved or blown over by the wind.

Consider Storage

All outdoor furniture will last longer if it’s stored when not in use. But where to put it? If there’s no place in the garage to stack outdoor furniture out-of-season, stash it under the deck. At the very least, consider a cover to prolong the life of all types of outdoor furniture. One possibility: Choose pieces that fold, stack or partly dismantle to reduce the necessary volume of storage space.

Plan to store outdoor furniture cushions in the house, away from dampness where mildew can set in. If they must be stored in a basement, buy some stacking plastic storage bins to hold the cushions.

With some thought to available space, use and storage, it’s possible to choose outdoor patio furniture that will meet the needs of your family for years to come.

Now that you are armed with knowledge for picking out the right patio furniture, it is time to research where you can find the patio furniture that you desire. Not all patio furniture needs to break your budget. Closeout stores such as Ocean State Job Lot and Overstock.com are great places to find high-quality, low-cost patio furniture. However, research the return policy of any internet store before you buy, since the article above recommends not purchasing any patio furniture unless you can test it in person.

Patio furniture is a necessary accessory to your outdoor diving space. If you are interested in remodeling or installing any other aspect to outdoor space, please contact us. Camosse Masonry Supply provides quality materials for outdoor projects.