Brooklawn Blend is a gorgeous natural stone thin veneer. Please visit our showrooms in Charlton or Worcester to see a complete line up Thompson Stone Thin Veneer.

The Thompson Stone  process stone from their own quarries. They also hand select from fields, mountain and woodlands across New England. Selecting only the best New England has to offer. The bulk natural stone is then fabricated into into finely crafted veneer.

Thompson Stone can provide everything you need for innovative, and unique interior and exterior use. Hand selected for color, and superior quality. The beauty of its natural variations truly shines through.

Homeowners, architects, builders, and contractors all love the natural stone products. Thompson Stone products will help realize your vision to create a beautiful masterpiece.

 Sold by the square foot, Brooklawn Blend  Thin Veneer stone will never cease to amaze you. We carry flats, corners, and can order slabs as well.




Brooklawn Blend by Thompson Stone

Brooklawn Blend Corners

Brooklawn Blend Square and Rec

Thompson Stone Natural Stone