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5 Ways to Make Your Backyard Pop

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Many homeowners redesign their living area when they move into a new place to make it their own. Here are 5 ways to make your backyard pop.

Homeowners often forget about the backyard when they are settling into a new house. When homeowners finally recognize the blandness of their backyard, they may attempt to liven it up with a few patio chairs. A backyard needs true decorations as much as an indoor living space.

Thankfully, the following article from Yahoo! offers tips on how to make your backyard pop by utilizing eye-catching accents.

Top 5 Tips to Make Your Backyard Pop

Backyard decorations and accents can help make the landscaping more interesting. You might choose to decorate with stones, bird baths, solar lights–whatever suits your personal style and preference. Need some advice for buying accents? Take these five tips into consideration.

1. Consider your personal landscaping style. For a contemporary, minimalistic yard, you will naturally want to keep the decorations to a minimum. Stick with the basics. Choose sleek accents with little ornamentation. Other styles may require a few more decorating accents. In a “secret garden” type setting, for example, you might choose some wrought-iron and lattice ornamentation.

2. Add life and movement with non-living objects. Bring motion to your yard with accents that move in the wind or provide a source of flowing water. This Woodstock Wind Chime Fountain is the perfect example of both of these ideas. Water bubbles from the center of the fountain, causing two bells to swirl around, chiming gently when they touch each of the six fixated bells.

3. Invite wildlife into your yard. There are various ways you can invite birds, butterflies and other wildlife into your yard. For example, provide a decorative solar powered birdbath where various bird species can drink throughout the day. This, in turn, provides an interesting view from inside the house. Not to mention the environmental benefit of utilizing power from the sun.

4. Highlight interesting features with lighting. Lighting is a great way to–not only light up the backyard at night–but to highlight interesting landscaping features. You can light up waterfalls, fountains, pathways and more with solar powered lighting. These solar powered bamboo tiki torches are just one example of how you can provide interesting accents to the yard with lighting. Rather than oil, they gather their ability to provide light from the sun’s rays.

5. Avoid overdoing the accents. To be honest, you should always keep the yard decorations to a minimum, no matter what your landscaping style may be. Some styles might be able to boast a few more decorating accents, but you should be able to enjoy your backyard for what it is–an outdoor space.

Take these five tips into consideration when it’s time to shop for new backyard accents. Adding a few strategically-placed decorations–just a few–can take the landscaping from “That’s nice” to “Wow!”.

As the above article describes, wildlife can add a beautiful natural accent to your backyard. However, you must make sure that you attract the right kind of wildlife. You probably don’t want bears or opossums in your backyard. Make sure that any bird feeders are hung from in area so that critters cannot reach the feeder. Installing fencing your backyard will prevent larger animals from entering.

Decorate your backyard in a manner that suits your personal tastes, but be sure to avoid over-embellishing. Too many decorations can crowd your backyard and cause it to look tacky.

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