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5 Reasons to Choose Concrete Countertops

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Five Reasons to Choose Concrete Countertops

When you are selecting a hard surface for your kitchen or bathroom countertops, concrete is probably not the first material to come to mind. After all, who wants countertops that look like a sidewalk or driveway, right? Concrete has actually come a long way since the material that was primarily used to walk and drive on. Today’s concrete surfaces come in a broad range of styles and colors that coordinate beautifully with most high end homes today. If you are in a quandary over the countertops that will work best in your home, consider these five reasons to choose concrete countertops.


Concrete provides a plethora of styles and colors for your home. This material can be customized to almost any need or preference. Color can be mixed into the formula to create countertops in warm earth tones or bright hues guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. Your selection in concrete countertops is only limited by your imagination and the range of styles and colors your concrete contractor offers.


There are few materials available today that boast the same durability as concrete. Homeowners who install concrete countertops rarely have to worry about damage like chipping or breaking. This substance is made to last and will hold up extremely well to average wear and tear. When concrete is installed and maintained properly, you can rest assured that you will be enjoying your hard surfaces fifteen or twenty years later.


Because of the way concrete is formed, you can have this material molded into just about any shape you want. This means that graceful curves throughout your kitchen are no problem for a concrete contractor. Concrete countertops can also be created with a specialized integrated sink like a wave sink or a slope sink that will make food prep and cleanup a breeze.

Heat Resistance

Concrete is a material that is resistant to heat, making concrete countertops an excellent choice for the kitchen. However, it is important to remember that the sealant used on the concrete probably won’t be heat resistant, so it is important to use hot plates for pots and pans right off the stove. If the sealant does become damaged, repair it as soon as possible so that your concrete countertops are safe from staining.


Concrete surfaces can be much more than your basic concrete in assorted colors. Concrete contractors can enhance the surface with pieces of glass, tile or exposed aggregate materials. You can even personalize the countertops with pieces of your grandmother’s china or a favorite set of glassware that has become chipped or broken. This option also allows you to add even more color to your concrete surfaces.

If you are in the market for new countertops in your kitchen or bath, consider the bright, bold, versatile look of concrete. The material is exceedingly durable and versatile, and provides a high end look to any room. With so many advantages, it is no wonder that this material is finding its way into many homes today.

If you have any questions or are looking to grab a set of concrete countertops for your next project, please contact us. With over 70 years Camosse‘s family run business we can help being your dreams to reality.