Y Series Portable Smokeless Fire Pit

The Breeo Y Series allows you to chill and grill on the go. With built-in features, compact size, and a range of live-fire cooking accessories, you’re packing ultimate portability with the rugged functionality. The Y Series can adapt to camping, tailgating, backyard grilling, or just relaxing on the deck.

  • Stow or pack with collapsible legs
  • Built-in heat shield allows you to safely burn on all surfaces including composite and wood decks, patios, etc. Always extend legs to cook/highest setting if being used on composite decking.
  • Take it along with an easy-carry handle
  • Extend legs to grill and cook at a comfortable height
  • Only 31 lbs. and sized to carry
  • Compatible with the Searplate Griddle 19 and Outpost 19 grilling system.
  • Designed to burn wood, lump charcoal, or pellets
  • Made by Breeo in the USA

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Y Airflow™

The Y Airflow design is a raised air intake vent at the bottom of the fire pit that enables oxygen to feed the fire even as ashes build up.

Double Wall Airflow

Cool air simultaneously enters the double-wall system at the bottom of the fire pit. As the air rises through the wall cavity, it gets super-heated by the fire.

Secondary Combustion

The hot air then exits the double wall through holes around the inside rim of the fire pit. This pressurized, heated oxygen creates a secondary burn (reburn), reducing the smoke.


On-The-Go Cooking Ability

Compatible with a range of high-end Breeo cooking accessories, the Y Series fire pit allows you to savor the flavor of live-fire cooking. From tailgates to remote retreats, Breeo’s Y Series delivers ultimate functionality in a portable package.

Cook Anywhere

A built-in heat shield and adjustable legs allows you to fire it up on various surfaces and leave no trace. You can now use this fire pit on decks, wood chips, natural stone, brick, and asphalt without any other accessories or heat shields. Extend legs to cook/highest setting for grilling or if being used on composite decking.

Tri-Fuel Functionality

The Y Series allows you to burn wood, pellets, or lump charcoal, expanding the scope of traditional fire pits and making it the most versatile fire pit on the market.