Warming Trends

Warming Trends products are made in the USA! That means all of the sales go directly to hard working Americans. They have maintained reliable manufacturing and can even create custom designs. Everything is made in Colorado.

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Warming Trends burners are the perfect addition to any firepit. They make ready to finish kits, ignition systems, and all of the parts needed. We love the high BTU output, and our customers always talk about how beautiful the flame is. They are easy to set up, so the contractor doesn’t have any trouble with installation.

Ready to Finish Kits

warming trends ready to finish kits min

Don’t have a spot to put your CrossFire burners yet? Grab a ready to finish kit! Assemble and decorate with thin veneer, so you can sit back and enjoy the fire!

CrossFire Brass Burners

warming trends crossfire burners min

The brass burners are the best in the biz. Featuring CrossFire technology, they are high BTU output. They will warm your entire group while sitting around the fire. Extremely efficient,

Plates, Pans, and Covers

pans plates and covers min

Pates, pans, and covers come in circular and square designs. Created to redirect heat, or cover your burners when not in use. They will help your burners function longer!

Ignition Systems

ignition kits min

The ignition systems make lighting your fire easy. You won’t need a lighter, so no risk of accidental burns. We love the push button system!


Parts and accesories min

Need a couple spare parts? No problem! Whether you need an extra fitting, or an access panel, we’ve got you covered.

Featuring CrossFire Technology

CrossFire technology resembles a natural wood burning fire. The high velocity gas flow and angled jets feed the fire. The result is a higher concentration of oxygen, which has a super charged flame. It can be compared to water out of a fire hose.

Warming Trends Warranty

The burners have a transferrable lifetime warranty. All accessories vary in warranty length, so we recommend checking out the Warranty Info.

Come into the Camosse showroom today for a demo of the CrossFire technology!