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William Rose established the W. Rose™ in 1798 as a blacksmith shop near Philadelphia. The early years were spent making cavalry sabers and officer swords for the U.S. army during the War of 1812 and the Civil War. In 1864 the focus moved from swords to edged tools, knives, and the signature brick trowel we know today. W. Rose brick trowels are still manufactured near Philadelphia. The trowels that helped build America are still made in the USA.

For over 200 years, W. Rose™ has been the choice of the world’s best bricklayers. Choose from five handle options (wood, plastic, cork, leather, or ProForm® soft grip) for each of their three styles of trowels: Philadelphia Pattern trowels, Narrow London Pattern Trowels, Wide London Pattern Trowels. W. Rose™ also manufactures  a variety of specialty trowels including margin and pointing trowels, sled runners, jointers, slickers, premium Bonded Braided Nylon Mason’s Line, brick hammers, and line pins. All W. Rose™ masonry products are made in the USA as they have been since 1798.

As W. Rose™ enters its 225th year of production, the quality craftmanship endures. This extensive line of quality brick trowels range in patterns from the traditional Narrow London, Wide London, and Philadelphia to specialty patterns such as the Pumpkin Seed. Strong, long-wearing jointers are a must-have on any masonry job. Tough bonded, braided nylon mason’s line is the top choice of professionals when a straight line is of up most importance. The W. Rose™ Shot Glass Holder is the perfect gift for graduation from trade school or the retirement after a long career – Celebrate with W. Rose™!

As they have since 1798, all of W. Rose™ products are made right here in the United States of America.

We supply a wide range of W. Rose™ Masonry Products in-store and can special order any product listed within their catalog.

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