Versailles Coping

The coping is the top layer of thin, flat stones commonly found on a retaining or garden wall. The coping acts as the cap, or the topmost layer of stone on a stone wall or the decorative edge around a pool. While it does provide a decorative finish, coping can also help assist in water runoff when installed at a slight angle.

  • Multi-size rectangular shapes
  • Slightly chamfered edges
  • Perfect for poolside or patios
  • 127 square feet per pallet
  • Natural smooth texture
  • Not recommended for vehicular traffic

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Versailles Coping from Nicolock Paving Stones comes in multiple sizes and is rectangular, offering easy installation and enough variation to keep it visually interesting. Perfect for poolside or patios, the coping has a natural stone texture that performs well when wet. The slightly chamfered edges and fullnose edge on one side make the coping perfect for high-traffic areas. Choose from straight pieces as well as inside and outside corners to suit your installation. Versailles Coping is not recommended for use in areas with vehicular traffic.