Travertina Raw Slab

The Travertina Raw patio slab combines the elegant appearance of natural travertine with the enhanced durability of concrete, fortified by Techo-Bloc’s advanced factory-sealed Klean-Bloc technology. By incorporating Klean-Bloc, this product not only mimics the beauty of natural travertine but also offers additional advantages. The application of Klean-Bloc imparts a subtle sheen to the slab, intensifies its color vibrancy, and establishes a protective layer against stains and everyday wear. These exceptional benefits are exclusive to our product and are not typically found in natural travertine.

To elevate the aesthetic of your outdoor area, consider pairing the Travertina Raw patio slab with the exquisite Bali Travertina Raw pool coping or the stylish Travertina Raw caps. This combination will create a luxurious and cohesive look for your outdoor space, enhancing its overall appeal.

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