The New Age™

An Outdoor Fireplace Kit with a Modern Touch with Wide Frame

New Age™ Series fireplaces combine the best elements of traditional fireplace construction with the superior design, simplified modern construction and finest quality materials that are the hallmark of all Stone Age fireplace kits, in a form factor optimized for indoor applications or any project where a squared profile is preferred.

  • Zero Clearance – can be installed through a pergola or inside the home
  • Great for mounting TVs
  • Firebox designed for better heat projection
  • Achieves a modern look without sacrificing functionality

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The New Age™ fireplace’s external profile allows fitting into tighter spaces, typically required for indoor applications. Internally, the shape of the New Age™ models follow the lines of hand-built masonry fireplaces, with a slightly shallower firebox for more heat projection into the room, and a smooth, rearward tapering throat with a straight backwall. The kits are comprised of easily-assembled interlocking pieces, made from Stone Age’s proprietary, heat-tolerant reinforced concrete blend, for a fireplace that delivers stronger draft, excellent heat output, and superior durability.

New Age™ kits are available in all-masonry, zero clearance configurations, where structural framing may be placed in direct contact with the kit and its masonry chimney, or may be used with UL-103 metal chimney flue, for non-zero clearance applications. All Stone Age UL-127 certified fireplaces require significantly less clearance than traditional masonry fireplaces, greatly simplifying fireplace installation within a structure.













New Age Fireplace

  • Choose your size:  36″, 42″, 48″, 60″, 72″
  • Choose your fuel:  Wood burning or gas log option
  • Straight Lintel for modern feel


New Age Series Add-Ons 

  • Optional 8″Chimney Extensions, Additional available for purchase up to 20′ high
  • Optional side wood storage
  • UL Listed for Zero-Clearance when installed properly
  • Can be installed for indoor, or outdoor projects
  • Firebrick lining is not included but recommended


Straight Lintel 36″


Side Cut-Away

             Straight Lintel 

                           Exploded View