The MudMixer®

The MudMixer® is the fastest, easiest, multi-use mixer on the market.

  • Electric drivetrain has the ability to chew through over 45 80lb bags an hour.

  • Revolutionary fully-adjustable water input designed to be used with concrete, mortar, stucco mix, poolkrete, and much more.

  • Turn 3-4 man jobs into 1 man jobs.

  • Put an end to “too soupy” or “too dry” mixes.

  • Cut your workload by more than half.

  • No more batch mixing with MudMixer’s continuous mixing technology.

  • Win more projects & increase your take home pay.

🏆 Winner of Concrete Contractor 2022 Top Products Award

🏆 Recognized By Major Vendors Like Home Depot & Lowes

🏆 Thousands of Happy Customers

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The MudMixer® is the most easy-to-use, fast operating, multi-use mixer on the market today among portable concrete mixers for sale. Its features include a fully adjustable water input mechanism designed for use with concrete, stucco, grout, mortar, and more. With this mixer, you can achieve reliable material consistency in a quick and effortless manner.

The goal in developing the MudMixer® was to create the best possible portable mixer available on the market. They wanted it to be the best among concrete mixers, and each step they took in the design process was to create the best experience for you, the user


The MudMixer® consists of a state-of-the-art two-phase infusion system consisting of an auger and two spray nozzles which infuses the desired amount of water into the dry mix, resulting in a perfect mixture and flow of material that continues until the job is completed. This revolutionary system is designed to increase the number of projects you can complete with less time, energy, and labor cost involved.

With the MudMixer®, one man can mix 1-yard of concrete in one hour. This portable mixer gives you complete control of the wet/dry consistency of your mix with the fully adjustable water dial. Once the amount of water is set, it will remain consistent during the entire pour. There is no need to use a wheelbarrow, simply walk the MudMixer® right to the location of your forms. Since the MudMixer® is a continuous mixer, there is no need to mix in batches. The mixer will continue outputting material into your forms as you continue feeding bags.


As a superior quality concrete and cement mixer for sale, the MudMixer® is manufactured with long-term durability and service life and mind. It consists of a high strength steel, heavy duty frame that surrounds a powerful combination of mechanisms supported by two large Marathon flat-free tires. It is truly a unique and innovative mud mixing system.


The MudMixer® makes mixing mud easier, quicker, and cleaner than ever before. It stands ahead of many concrete mixers for sale on the market with its design and performance.

The process for using the MudMixer® is as follows:

  1. Add Material

Prior to moving the mixer into the desired position, simply empty the bag of concrete, stucco, grout, or mortar mix into the hopper.

  1. Adjust the Water Flow

Set the water dial for the desired water flow for your mixture.

  1. Mix and Place

Continue to feed the hopper and watch the MudMixer® produce and dispense your desired mixture material into your forms.

  1. Clean Up

Cleaning the MudMixer® is easy. Simply clean the mixer thoroughly with the secondary hose and spray nozzle provided with the unit.