The Montauk

Multi-sized, irregular shapes with a textured surface and textured edges. Makes a stunning accent and is just as beautiful on its own.
  • 65 square feet per pallet
  • No spacer lugs
  • 1,663 LBS

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Big style lives in Montauk paving stones by Nicolock. Designed to outlast and outperform regular paving stones, the Montauk is infused with pure color and style. Featuring Nicolock’s paver-shield™ technology, the paving stones are made using a state-of-the-art manufacturing process along with precisely measured materials for a consistent, durable base mix. During the manufacturing process, iron oxide bonds with the cement molecules to create the most vibrant colors possible. The result is deep, rich color throughout the entire paver that lasts year after year.

Montauk paving stones come in multiple sizes and irregular shapes, resulting in a more natural looking finish. The paving stones have textured surfaces and textured edges, which makes for a stunning accent to any outdoor living area. Beautiful on its own or when used as an accent, Montauk paving stones from Nicolock quickly elevate any outdoor living area.