Sure Klean Restoration Cleaner

Carbon and pollution remover

Restoration Cleaner is a carbon solubilizing cleaner for brick, granite, sandstone, terra cotta and many exposed aggregate surfaces. Apply Restoration Cleaner to masonry surfaces to loosen and dissolve dirt, paint oxidation, carbon buildup and other atmospheric pollutants. A simple cold-water rinse clears away the stains.

  • Proven effective for cleaning dirty and heavily carboned buildings.
  • Safer and less expensive than sandblasting or steam cleaning.
  • Will not pit or damage the masonry when properly applied.

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  • SHELF LIFE3 years in tightly sealed, unopened container
  • VOC CONTENTNon-applicable
  • FORMClear, colorless liquid
  • PH2.2 @ 1:3 dilution
  • COVERAGE RATE125-500 sq ft/gal. See Product Data Sheet for variations per substrate.
  • FREEZE POINTNon-applicable
  • FLASH POINTNon-applicable
  • TOTAL SOLIDSNon-applicable
  • WT/GAL8.75 lbs
  • AVAILABLE SIZES1-gal, 5-gal, 55-gal

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