Stonegate® Contemporary Pier

The Stonegate® Contemporary Pier Kit from Nicolock Paving Stones adds beauty to a stable stone wall or strength to a freestanding stone wall. A pier is a vertical stone structure thicker and stronger than the surrounding wall, lending strength and style to the finished design. The Stonegate Contemporary Pier Kit includes everything you need to build 20″x 20″x 60″ pier, 20″x 20″x 30″ piers or 30″x 30″ x 30″ pier in a single kit.

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The Stonegate Contemporary Pier Kit comes in your choice of color. Choose a color that matches your existing wall or a contrasting color for the pier to act as a focal point. Stonegate Contemporary Piers make great bases for lights or pedestals for plants, offering incredible flexibility and the ability to customize your hardscape in unique ways. Just add one or two piers to your wall and instantly elevate your outdoor decor.