Stone Ridge Contemporary

Multi-sized rectangular shapes with a smooth and modern finish. Slightly chamfered edge.
  • Multi-size rectangular shapes
  • Slightly chamfered edge
  • Smooth finish
  • 18″ x 18″ Sold separately
  • 2,950 lbs per pallet
  • 110 square feet per pallet

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Establish a stylish outdoor space for your home or business with Stone Ridge Contemporary pavers from Nicolock Paving Stones. These stunning pavers feature rectangular shapes in a variety of sizes that work together to create a dynamic and visually striking pattern. The smooth finish creates a sleek, modern appearance when compared to paving stones featuring a textured surface. A chamfered design adds a slight softness to the stone edges. Available in a wide variety of rich colors, Stone Ridge Contemporary pavers can be easily coordinated with your home’s exterior, your patio furniture or other elements of your outdoor space.
These pavers are made with Nicolock’s innovative paver-shield™ technology. That means they feature an ultra-dense design that helps to enhance durability and lock in colors to last for generations. Because they are so robust, these pavers can be installed in high-traffic areas, such as walkways, driveways, patios, courtyards, and pool areas.