Stone Benches

With our artistic vision and diverse stock, we craft bespoke benches for all landscaping projects. Select from our premium materials like granite curb, foundation stone, lintel, sill, or opt for a rustic touch with New England Fieldstone Slabs. Our tailored designs ensure both uniqueness and stability, promising secure seating areas. Through meticulous planning, each bench stands confidently on its own. No project is too grand or modest for us; we gladly accommodate custom sizes. Personalize your bench further with custom engraving options, adding a special touch to every piece.

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Camosse Masonry Supply specializes in crafting bespoke stone benches that can turn your dreams into reality. Ideal for a backyard yoga studio, patio, or garden, our handcrafted stone benches are meticulously created using the finest quality materials such as granite, fieldstone, and other natural stones, transforming them into works of art.

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, tailored to your specifications. Share your vision for the perfect stone bench, and witness it come to life under the expertise of Camosse Masonry Supply. Our skilled team ensures a swift turnaround, delivering your dream bench within a short timeframe.

These benches are a perfect addition for homeowners, local parks, or businesses. Whether you prefer a modern, rustic, or antique granite design, we are adept at working with various styles, including crafting benches from reclaimed granite for an antique charm. Every bench is meticulously hand-assembled, reflecting our commitment and passion in every detail. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Having your own stone bench is a source of joy, and it’s sure to be admired by your neighbors. These benches add the perfect finishing touch to create a fantastic outdoor living space.

With years of experience, Camosse Masonry Supply has mastered the art of selecting the right stone for each project. Our team takes pride in handpicking stones that perfectly match your requirements, ensuring a result that exceeds your expectations.