Self Consolidating Grout

SPEC MIX® Self Consolidating Grout (SCG) is a dry preblended grout specifically designed to be highly fluid without segregation of the constituents. SPEC MIX SCG is used to bond together adjacent masonry units, fill bond beams and occupy all areas around steel reinforcement in the cores of the masonry assemblage without mechanical consolidation or reconsolidation, while meeting ASTM C 476 and TMS 402/602 requirements for reinforced masonry construction. SPEC MIX SCG offers significant labor saving opportunities to the masonry contractor while providing enhanced performance over standard grout products and conventional grouting techniques. SPEC MIX SCG provides superior fluidity over conventional core fill grout with increased cohesion while offering excellent resistance to segregation of the fluid grout mix. Masonry cores can be easily and completely filled with no consolidation effort (mechanical vibration), and SPEC MIX SCG produces masonry cores without voids, even around heavily congested reinforcing steel and other obstructions. Using SPEC MIX SCG will ensure high structural integrity of both reinforced and un-reinforced masonry assemblages. Only the addition of water is needed to produce a self consolidating grout with total quality control and consistency in every batch that is ready to use when it is needed.

SPEC MIX Self Consolidating Grout(SCG) is designed to completely fill cores in masonry units at a higher rate of flow than standard masonry grout. All the constituents of SPEC MIX SCG are dispersed and suspended evenly throughout the masonry core; therefore, no mechanical consolidation or reconsolidation during or after placement at any lift height is required. Anytime structural reinforcement (core fill grout) is necessary, SPEC MIX SCG can be used to create a high quality structurally reinforced masonry assemblage.

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SPEC MIX SCG is a dry, preblended mix containing cementitious materials, special admixtures and dried aggregates formulated for superior fluidity and cohesion that meets compressive strength requirements of reinforced masonry construction in all types of grout applications. SPEC MIX SCG is manufactured with the finest raw materials available in each geographic region. SPEC MIX SCG is available in both coarse and fine formulations. Each mix produces high quality grout providing excellent compressive and shear bond strength, increased adhesion to masonry unit cores and reinforcement steel resulting in a unified structural masonry system. Packaged completely dry, SPEC MIX SCG eliminates the inconsistencies associated with field proportioned grouts while offering the contractor the flexibility to mix as little or as much grout as required, when needed. The SPEC MIX manufacturing process first extracts the moisture from the aggregate, since wet aggregate directly affects the quality and consistency of core fill grout. The specified mix design is entered into the computer batching system where each of the ingredients is weighed separately. A digital print out displaying proper proportions of each batch may be kept as a permanent record. Next, the product is completely preblended and packaged in the appropriate size bag. SPEC MIX SCG products are designed to meet ASTM C 476 property requirements for core fill self-consolidating grout. SPEC MIX SCG is accepted for all types of masonry construction with submittals available upon request.


SPEC MIX Self Consolidating Grout products are dry, preblended products that are used primarily for grouting masonry cores. Due to the high fluidity of SPEC MIX SCG, cells that are to be filled should be cross-webbed with mortar at the core of the CMU. This will prevent leakage into adjacent cells that do not require core fill grout. Like ordinary grout, SPEC MIX SCG should be installed in accordance with the provisions of the local building code, ICC, MSJC, and The0 American Concrete Institute’s requirements and specifications TMS 402/602.1 Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures and Specification for Masonry Structures. SPEC MIX SCG may be used in both low-lift and high-lift applications. Special consideration should be used in selecting the type of grout used for a particular application. Always check project specifications and structural notes to ensure proper product selection has been made (See TMS 402/602 Table 1.20.1). SPEC MIX SCG may be placed by hand or or by mechanical delivery. SPEC MIX SCG should be discarded after 30 minutes from the time of initial mixing. SPEC MIX products are custom packaged to project specification. Handle and store products according to SPEC MIX recommendations; they must be kept dry, covered, and protected from weather and other damage.