Seating Wall

Adding an element to an Outdoor Living space has become a game changer in the hardscape industry. StoneFire Core’s patented products will get you there:

    • Minimal parts allows for the fastest assembly time in the industry!

    • Start veneering immediately after the unit is assembled on footing.

    • Built-in forklift pockets allowing for easy movement and placement of units.

    • Their Fireplaces includes raised hearths, finished fireboxes and flue lined chimneys already installed.

    • Made with Premium heat-resistant materials for a solid foundation.

    • The Complete Outdoor Living Solution; Fireplaces, Fire Pits, Wood Storages, Seating Walls, Outdoor Kitchens, Columns and more.

    • StoneFire Core delivers quick turnaround, enabling contractors to commit to more projects per season.

    • No curing time needed! Light a fire once the unit is assembled on site to impress!

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