Ridge Brick

A universal, oversized brick shape with a textured riven surface. Slightly chamfered edges. Use as a field paver or as a border.
  • Oversized brick shape
  • Textured riven surface
  • Slightly chamfered edges
  • 110 square feet per pallet.
Use as field paver or as a border for every Ridge product

Nicolock’s Ridge Brick paving stones are a long-lasting way to highlight outdoor spaces with traditional style. Manufactured using their paver-shield™ technology, these stones come in an oversized brick shape that can create straight or curved shapes. The dense surface is riven for a natural look and the edges are slightly rounded. Nicolock’s paver-shield™ pavers have a deep, rich color throughout, assuring you that their beauty will remain for years to come. No heavy aggregate will be exposed, either.

Lay universal brick stone pavers as a primary field paver or a border for exceptionally strong walkways, stairs, fire pits, and much more. You can lay them in seven parallel, perpendicular or diagonal patterns — the design is up to you. Nicolock offers more than 15 color blends that are guaranteed to last for generations.