REDI-ROCK Wall Solutions

Build stronger, more durable and more beautiful walls with less work and better results by choosing REDI-ROCK from Nicolock Paving Stones. REDI-ROCK wall solutions products come in several styles and can be used to build gravity retaining walls, reinforced retaining walls, hybrid walls and freestanding walls. REDI-ROCK stones are made from architectural-grade precast concrete, so they’re incredibly strong and perfectly shaped to create an interlocking pattern. REDI-ROCK achieves an outstanding level of detail and a realistic texture for beautiful walls that look more like natural stone.

  • Build walls over 20 feet tall
  • Reduce excavation and use a smaller footprint without geogrid
  • Install quickly with a machine and small crew

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Types of Walls

Using REDI-ROCK wall solutions products, you can build all types of walls. Build super tall gravity retaining walls over 20 feet high, reinforced retaining walls to support heavy live loads, hybrid walls with a blend of gravity and reinforced sections and even freestanding walls with texture on multiple sides. REDI-ROCK Ledgestone blocks give the look of stone with the convenience of precast concrete product, so you can build beautiful walls that deliver rock-solid performance for years.

Natural Stone Look

REDI-ROCK is strong, but it’s also beautiful. Designed to look like natural stone once installed, REDI-ROCK features ten face molds that deliver up to 115 square feet of non-repeating patterns. With such large expanses of non-repeating patterns, most onlookers won’t be able to pick out a pattern, creating a more natural stone look you ll love. Choose the right REDI-ROCK to match your wall project to your existing landscape.

Upgrade your stone walls by choosing REDI-ROCK wall solutions from Nicolock Paving Stones. REDI-ROCK installs quickly with a machine and just a small crew, making it the ideal choice for projects of any size.


Ledgestone Block Specifications

  • Trapezoidal shape allows convex and concave radii
  • 5.5 inch deep texture
  • Rich formulated colors to mimIc the look of natural stone
  • Ten individual face molds offer up to 115 square feet of non-repeating
  • Wet-cast concrete gives a greater level of detail and durability