Quarry Ledgestone®

Uniquely distinct shapes of random ashlar roughly tooled masonry mimicking styles of Europe. The Ancients used this style of stone to construct long lasting structures and you can continue this tradition.


Length: Up to 16” (406 mm) plus fillers

Height: Up to 8” (203 mm) plus fillers

Thickness: Average 1” (25 mm)

Weight: Up to 13 lbs/ft² (63 kgs/m²)

Corners: Available

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Chinook          Coyote          Lancaster Quarry

Chinook Quarry Ledgestone®                     Coyote Quarry Ledgestone®                        Lancaster Quarry Ledgestone®

New England          Providence          Thunder Ridge

New England Quarry Ledgestone®           Providence Quarry Ledgestone®                Thunder Ridge Quarry Ledgestone®


Wolverine Quarry Ledgestone®