GST International’s Elephant Armor® Primer (white in color) is a high solids, acrylic polymer latex bonding agent specifically designed to be used with Elephant Armor® mortars on any concrete or asphalt surface. Elephant Armor® Primer can also be used for bonding to wood and EPS foam.
Elephant Armor® Primer may be used for both interior or exterior applications.
  • Easy to apply – Ready to use
  • Meets Requirements of ASTM C 1059-13 Type II (non-re-emusifiable)  Slurry Bond Coat.
  • VOC Compliant Nationwide
  • Strong chemical bond fortifies attachment of Elephant Armor® or other cement-based products to properly prepared surface
  • Clean up with soap and water
  • Indoor or outdoor applications

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Elephant Armor® Primer meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM C 1059-13, Type II (Non re-emusifiable) Slurry Bond Coat.

For Use With:
Elephant Armor® Mortar/Overlay, DOT Industrial Grade Mortar & Asphalt Repair and Micro Trenching Reinstatement Material.