Polymer Modified Adhered Veneer

SPEC MIX® Polymer Modified Adhered Veneer Mortar (PMAVM) is a technologically advanced adhered veneer mortar for use in bonding adhered manufactured stone veneer, natural thin cut stone and thin brick to a cementitious substrate. PMAVM is designed to provide excellent workability, cohesion, high bond strength, sag resistance, water resistance, efflorescence minimization, and durability. SPEC MIX PMAVM is the ideal solution for architects and contractors with projects where an immediate and ongoing need for mortar delivering high bond strength and sag resistance during installation is required. In applications where mortar joints are not utilized, such as dry stack applications, SPEC MIX PMAVM should be used to gain additional bond strength and “pop-off” protection. Installing natural thin cut stone veneer is aided by the unique anti-sag and high bond properties of SPEC MIX PMAVM.

SPEC MIX PMAVM meets the requirements of ASTM C 1714 and ASTM C 270 for Type S and N mortar including ANSI 118.4 (F-5.1.5) and TMS 402/602 shear bond standards. SPEC MIX PMAVM has been rigorously tested to reduce the probability of unit “pop-offs” and contractor call-backs to repair adhered veneer failures common with standard mortars. SPEC MIX PMAVM is available in standard and custom colors.

In addition to custom mix designs that are available for specific applications or properties, the SPEC MIX  Polymer Modified Adhered Veneer Mortar is designed to be compatible with the characteristics of most all specified adhered masonry veneer units. It is acceptable for all types of construction: concrete, masonry, wood frame or steel studs, with submittals available upon request.

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Engineer Adhered Veneer Solution

SPEC MIX PMAVM, when coupled with proper design and workmanship, is specifically engineered to increase adhesion of veneer units to concrete and masonry substrates including properly prepared wood, metal stud and rigid insulation type construction. Traditional masonry mortar performance only allows for a standard mechanical bond between the veneer unit and substrate—not the optimal solution for a high bond, durable veneer wall system. In comparison, SPEC MIX PMAVM significantly increases the wall systems mechanical bond with an added chemical bond created by specially selected polymers that chemically react at the unit and substrate interface to create a molecular bond between the components resulting in superior adhesion.

The SPEC MIX PMAVM proprietary formula is highly cohesive which makes for unparalleled workability when troweled. Its formulation also enhances the mortar’s board life which improves adhesive qualities that make it easy to apply veneer units to the wall substrate. By working with SPEC MIX PMAVM, installation contractors enjoy the benefits of a controlled product; increasing efficiency, resulting in extensive labor savings. SPEC MIX PMAVM contains flexibility characteristics to mitigate common building shifts, movements and deflection while protecting against shrinkage cracking. After job completion, SPEC MIX PMAVM offers optimal impact resistance to help keep veneer projects structurally sound.

Quality Control Drives Our Process

The driving force behind our commitment to quality and our statement to the design community is: “What you specify is what you get!” Our process embraces our commitment to supply superior products. SPEC MIX PMAVM is manufactured locally across North America by our team of manufacturing facilities. Each facility utilizes state of the art batching equipment that starts with a custom formulation or mix design, then all raw materials are pre-weighed and checked for accuracy. Like all SPEC MIX products, the PMAVM mix is produced with the finest raw materials available in each regional market. Once each material is weighed, the batch is thoroughly blended for total uniformity and consistency. This process is supported by our strict quality control procedures to meet project specifications, contractor expectations and applicable ASTM, ANSI and TMS Standards. Unlike field-mixed mortar, a digital printout displaying the actual proportions of materials in each batch may be kept as a permanent record. This is the level of quality assurance you get from SPEC MIX on every project!