Pier Caps

Multiple sizes allow use with many different concrete wall systems, natural stone or brick.

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The Nicolock Pier Cap serves as the perfect finishing touch for pillars, columns, or mailboxes. These solid stones feature chiseled edges and riven top surfaces to pair form and functionality. They protect pavers from weather and corrosion while adding to the aesthetic look of the paving stones they adorn.

Nicolock’s pier cap comes in a range of sizes from 18×18 all the way up to 30×30. We can find the perfect Pier Cap for your area. Their range of colors makes it easy to mix and match different designs to find the perfect look for your project.

The Nicolock Pier Cap has a riven top surface with exceptional strength and a deep, rich color throughout the entire piece. All of their products are made to both last for generations and improve the overall look of your home. Pier Caps, in particular, work as a beautiful accent to give your home that added look of luxury.