Paver Joint Filling Device “Mini” 2.0

Introduced in 2002 as a “world first”.

The Optimas “Mini” paver joint filling device is perfectly-suited for inserting jointing material in paver joints on small and medium paver surfaces. Only a completely filled joint transfers force from stone to stone, preventing stone movement and maintains the elasticity of the paver surface.

  • Higher placement speeds
  • Considerable time saving
  • Low manpower requirements (1 person)
  • Low repair work
  • Increases quality of outcome
  • Easy to operate
  • Low transport requirements

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Item Number: 4282532
Display brand: Optimas
Type: MINI 2.0
Length (mm): 725
Width (mm): 1070
Height (mm): 960
Weight (kg): 68
Transport height (mm):570
Working width (mm): 1070
Propellant: Petrol
Rated power: W4000
Engine power: kW4
Propulsion: Manual