Optimas Vacuum Device SV 200 E

Comfortable lifting and installation of even porous concrete material or natural stone elements up to 200 kg / 440 lbs.

Even porous material can be lifted. Standardly equipped with two adjustable handles and a manometer for indicating whether sufficient vacuum level is given.

With the help of eyebolt, it can be attached to any carrier vehicle easily and quickly.

Various suction pads for different sizes and weights of slabs are available and can be exchanged easily:

Suction pad 230 x 230 mm up to 30 kg
Suction pad 300 x 400 mm up to 95 kg
Suction pad 300 x 600 mm up to 150 kg
Suction pad 400 x 600 mm up to 200 kg
Suction pad 500 x 500 mm up to 200 kg
Suction pad for kerbs 13/15 & 18/20 up to 165 kg

Special sizes of suction pads can be produced on request.

Available for both rent & sale from Camosse.

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