Old Port Blend Full Range Extruded Brick

Available sizes:

Modular – (3⅝ x 2¼ x 7⅝”)

Standard Modular – (3⅝ x 2¼ x 8”)

Renovation Modular – (3⅝ x 2⅛ x 7⅝”)

Renovation Standard – (3⅝ x 2⅛ x 8”)

Engineer (Jumbo Modular) – (3⅝ x 2¾ x7⅝”)

Econo Modular – (3⅝ x 3⅝ x 7⅝”)

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Extrusion is the most common brick manufacturing process used today. Extruded brick are created when clay or shale is augured in a vacuum and forced through a rectangular die under pressure. 

Prior to firing in a kiln, extruded brick can be smooth or textured in non-repeating degrees of roughness. This type of our brick allows designers the flexibility to create a wide variety of sizes, textures and colors to use in near infinite combination. 

Extruded Brick is generally more uniform in dimension than moulded brick. It performs well in designs requiring more precise tolerances such as stack bonds. For decades, Morin Brick has utilized the extrusion manufacturing process to provide a variety of texture choices and color combinations suitable to most design requirements.